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Cool dog blind

The German Wirehaired Pointer is an elite Upland game bird hunter. Wirehairs are a great hunting dog, very adept at hunting, pionting and retrieving game.

In California CIty the AKC held a multi breed field test in California City, Ca. Among the breeds present were German Wirehairs, Shorthairs, Vizsla, and Brittanies.

I was able to catch up with Cathie Magoon, who has been breeding WIrehairs for over 20 years. She shared a wealth of information on the breed’s history, standard, healthy and temperament.


ParadiseLost says:

Great video, very professional. Loved the slo-mo shots of the horses! I love dogs but I'm truly a horse person by heart 😀

Randy Liles says:

Do you have a bohemian wire pointing griffons video ?

Gpicman says:

This is a great informative video

White Lightning says:

I'd love to breed one of these with an American Bulldog.

Peter Davis says:

Awesome Video! It would be awesome to see a video on the Deutsche Drahthaar to see the differences between the two of them!

ActiveAnimals says:

I feel quite lucky now, as I was considering asking for a dogumentary on this breed, since this is the only source that seems to give honest information about dog breeds. Does anyone know which sheds more, Wirehaired or smooth haired German Pointer?

Troy Power says:

Great breed, love my GWP! Exercise is key, I live in the middle of a city, my wirehair and I start our day (except in our brutal winter season) with a 10 km run while I pedal for all I'm worth. Appreciate the video, always a pleasure to listen to an experienced successful breeder, keep up the great work and dedication!

Abraham Navarro says:

Best video yet, great breed, plus love how thorough the breeder was at the end presenting her dogs! Keep up the good work Zeke!!

Tobias Schönmehl says:

In Germany there are no German wirehaired pointers, so they are used for nothing.

Erica H. says:

Great work! Your videos are beautiful and informative. Could you do videos on Finnish Lapphunds, Norwegian Elkhounds, Pharoah hounds, and Lagotto Romagnolos?

ALi Abduljbbar says:

Can u do about living with a german shepherd?????

Deanna K says:

Wonderful video! Great information. Great imagery.

Poteluz says:

Do they live there in the middle of nowhere, looks like there's no electricity or water out there.

Poteluz says:

How you're not at a million subs is beyond me.

proto4747 says:

My family and I are friends with the breeder shown here, we help them with their dog shows quite frequently. We have gotten 3 amazing dogs from them. I don't think we are ever going to get another breed. Very beautiful and smart dogs, great with kids and extremely friendly to anyone they meet. I routinely take my dogs to the beach or hiking and they love it. Whether I'm sitting around my house doing nothing or taking a hike, I know they're by my side through it all. Honestly, the best breed of dog I have ever encountered. If you're on the fence about getting a wirehair, do it. Cathy will take care of you, she's an extremely kind and knowledgeable lady. She clearly does this out of love for the dogs, and it's not hard to see why.
Much love Cathy,

Mr.Bubba Gump says:

Do the chihuahua next please .. not cause I like them but cause it would be funny.

Mr.Bubba Gump says:

Nigggaa I fucks wit all these dog breeds lmao good shit . Love this channel

sc4peg04t says:

Great video but for the awesome content you put out, you should do a separate video on the Drahthaar. They are superior by far. I groom several, including the top Drahthaar in the world and there is nothing like them. Higher standards than the GWH means a better dog truer to its purpose.

Arnold Sumarta says:

Love ur channel dude! Do a video on beagles pls

Anthony Caldwell says:

I love this channel it's the BEST!!✔👊😎

Reto Kohler says:

This is a partcularly nice piece. Great editing. Nice camera work. What i like best is the music. Very emotional breeder too. Great stuff.

Kameo Hosley says:

Those people need to be gentler with their horses face. Geez. Lessen up on the bit.

Lucy Nyu says:

Are you going to do video on the Brittany or the English springer Spaniel ?

Mr Yang says:

Germanwire vs Drathaar.

Strict breeding/ testing = better breed. Plain and simple.


I love these dogs. I want to BREED one with my Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog.

Taco Salesman says:

Really versatile dogs.

Simon R says:

Been waiting for this, did not disappoint

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